Kanbayashi Onsen, a famous hot spring loved by writers and artists

Kamibayashi Onsen is a quiet hot spring resort surrounded by beautiful nature at the foot of the Shiga Kogen Plateau.
It is a village of culture and art that has been loved by writers and artists since ancient times.

At Jinpyokaku, 100% hot springs pumped up from Jigokudani are generously poured into the outdoor and indoor baths.
Please enjoy a relaxing and luxurious high-quality hot spring.

Mixed open-air bath

A rustic open-air bath
A space where you can look up at the sky and forget about time for a while.
While looking at the trees, you can feel the pleasant breeze and the warmth of the trees,
and spend a relaxing time both physically and mentally.

Men's indoor bath

A warm semi-open-air bath surrounded by trees and stones.
The free-flowing hot spring boasts an abundant amount of hot water,
It is effective for neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain,
It is a healing space where you can relax your mind and body.

Women's indoor bath

In a space reminiscent of a comfortable “hidden hot spring”
Time to slowly soak in hot water.
Bathing under the clear blue sky is refreshing, but
soaking in the open-air bath while gazing at the star-filled sky is also exceptional.
Take it easy and open your mind to the traveling sky.

All baths have received the following certifications from Nippon Onsen Research Institute Co., Ltd.

  1. The essential characteristic of hot springs, the “reduction system,” is very well preserved.
  2. The hot water that is poured from the spout is the same as the source, and maintains almost the same freshness.
  3. In the bathtub, it is provided for bathing with “flowing directly from the source” without impairing the characteristics of the spring quality.
  4. The relationship between the volume of the bathtub and the amount of new hot water added must not be conspicuously unreasonable.

● Spring quality…Slightly alkaline hypotonic hot spring

● Efficacy: Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, etc.

Reducing hot spring
Oxidation reduction potential analysis report of hot spring water