Seasonal kaiseki cuisine where you can fully enjoy the blessings of the rich earth.
Enjoy the seasonal flavors of "Shinshu," a treasure trove of ingredients, in creative dishes made with the care of the proprietress.


Carefully selected seasonal ingredients

Mountain vegetables in spring, Shinshu vegetables in summer, and mushrooms in autumn.
“Shinshu beef raised with apples”,and Shinshu soba.
Nagano Prefecture is famous for its highland vegetables, Shinshu fruits, and rice.
The dishes are carefully prepared using dashi so that you can enjoy the taste of Japan.


Miso soup is a staple of Japanese breakfast.
Enjoy tofu made with local soybeans and Koshihikari rice from Kijimadaira.

The nostalgic yet luxurious breakfast is, of course, prepared by the proprietress with all her heart.
The Japanese paper menu is reminiscent of a picture letter, and the proprietress writes by hand one by one.



grew up with apples
Shinshu beef

Carefully raised brand beef fed with plenty of local apples

“Shinshu Beef Raised with Apples” is a brand built in the rich nature.
You can enjoy the softness that melts in your mouth and the mellow sweetness.

We offer 100% Shinshu-produced A4-A5 beef with thorough safety management.
You can check the individual identification number in the menu.

Japanese banquet dishes and
local sake to enjoy

First of all, have a glass of the proprietress’s handmade aperitif.
Local sake goes well with the seasonal dishes of Shinshu.

We offer local sake from Tamamura Honten, which has been brewing sake for about 200 years in Kutsuno, at the foot of Shiga Kogen.
The elegant and umami-scented sake born from the cold climate and clear water has long been popular as the sake of hot spring resort.

Enjoy the taste of the land to your heart’s content.

Please enjoy your meals at Sekka-tei, which is located in the annex.
A semi-private room where you can relax.