forget about the mundane worldSilence Room

入Nyusho room

This is our most popular room where you can spend a relaxing time with people you don’t mind spending time with.
This room is perfect for couples, lovers, or friends to talk, take a bath in the spring water, and forget about the time you spend at …….

Nyusho room1
Nyusho room2

Please relax in the spacious 10-mat room. The sunlight that leaks in is gentle and will satisfy those who wish to spend their time in peace and quiet.
Once you pass through the narrow path that stretches from the entrance, you will find yourself in a separate house in the trees that seems to have slipped back in time.
Just enjoy the silence. It is good to have such a day.
The rooms are decorated with the beauty of artisan craftsmanship, creating a tranquil atmosphere.
Please also enjoy the quaint hot spring baths with rooms that have free-flowing hot-spring water.

Room Facilities

  • 1 to 6 people
  • 10 tatami mats in the main room + 6 tatami mats
  • free-flowing hot spring water Ancient Japanese Cypress Bath
  • Toilet with bidet


  • Shampoo and Rinse
  • soap
  • towel
  • bath towel
  • body towel
  • shower cap
  • toothbrush set
  • comb
  • dryer
  • shaver
  • make-up remover
  • facial cleanser
  • face lotion
  • milky lotion
  • cotton swab
  • cotton
  • yukata (used as a bathrobe)
  • haori (Japanese formal coat)
  • zori (Japanese footwear sandals)